Monday, August 4, 2008

Victory Over My Leg

16.52 miles........check.

After being stopped at mile 13 or 14 by my rebellious left leg on my last attempt, I reran the route on Saturday. This time I kicked its ass. I bookended the run with days of rest, and I'm feeling good. The only lingering effect is slightly sore calves

On my return trip the skies opened up on me, soaking me completely. Arcs of lightning lit up the sky and thunder rumbled. Fantastic time to be running, I thought.

Actually, I came to really enjoy it. There is something elementally powerful about being caught in a lightning storm. You're so soaked that you don't care about being more wet, and so you just run as electricity flies through the sky. I happened to be running back up the Quinnipiac Gorge Trail when this was happening, and there wasn't a person to be seen. The rain was smashing into the pavement, and it was peaceful. An interesting experience.

Unfortunately, I did get a blood blister. I've never had a blister from running, and I was wondering if it might have been caused by my sodden socks and shoes. I wasn't sure if I should run with it, so I just biked this morning, but I'll be back on the road tomorrow.

Saturday's Run:

Monday's Bike Ride:


california girl said...

Fanastic- great job! It seems like you amped up your mileage pretty fast. That must be the power of raw!

Linda in the Raw said...

Love reading your blog. I am 2 weeks into 80/10/10 after 2 years on high-fat raw and I am loving it! I am also enjoying running again, even in the 100 degree Texas heat!

Keep up the great work!


Running Raw said...

Thanks California girl and Linda. I appreciate the support. I'm glad you like the site.

Sarah said...

Wow, congratulations on 16+ miles! That is pretty awesome. Sorry to hear about your blood blister - that happened to me a couple of weeks ago too and I DEFINITELY did not run for a little bit after that. For me it was my shoes, I had a new pair of shoes and they were too tight.