Monday, August 25, 2008

Andrew's Culinary Delights...And More Running

I've added a recipe space to my website. Right now there's just one recipe, my raw tomato soup- wonderful in it simplicity but delicious in its taste. I'll be adding more later, and I'm hoping that other raw foodies out there will submit some favorites of their own.

After last weekend's 20 miler, I took a break from distance to concentrate on pace. I ran 11.60 miles in 1 hr, 52 min on Saturday. That's an average pace of 9:43 min miles. 1500 calories burnt, and an average heart rate of 162 bpm. I'm going to get this down to around 9 min/miles, and I'll be working on that. I think I'll set my GPS to track speed instead of heart rate and see how that goes.

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