Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Gadet For Training

I didn't have time to post yesterday because I was swamped with work, but I did receive my Garmin 305 GPS/Heart Rate/Pace tracker two days ago, so I've been fooling around with that. It's pretty cool, and I'm just figuring out how it all works.

Today was my first morning of training with a specific heart rate in mind.

I ran at marathon pace, which is considered 80-90 percent of my maximum heart rate.

This came out to an average of 161 beats per minute, or an average pace of 9:05 minute miles. Running 5.09 miles took me 46 minutes. It's a faster pace than I'm used to, but it was a good challenge, and I can tell that this gadget is going to be a good training tool.

Every time I slowed down unconsciously it gave me the most annoying beep, and continued to beep every few seconds until I picked up my pace.

After a bit of cursing under my breath, I definitely ran faster.

"I'll be damned if I let that SOB beep at me," I was thinking.

So after awhile I kind of learned what a certain heart rate feels like and just did my best to maintain it.

Running at this pace should theoretically bring me in under my four-hour goal for the marathon.

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Sarah said...

I'm glad you're enjoying your Garmin! Mine is just like yours except no heartrate monitoring. I also set the thing to beep at me if I fell below a certain pace, and I think I mentioned it to you before but it really ticked me off so much one slow day that I was tempted to smash it against a tree. :D I rarely use that feature anymore. At least for now.