Monday, June 29, 2009

Ten Miles In the Sun

I had a great run Saturday in the first sunshine I'd seen in weeks:

The sun was out, the several bodies of water I passed looked beautiful, and there was a pretty nice laid back feel to the whole thing.

Running 10.5 almost barefoot is the most I've managed so far, and it kind of raises my hopes. If I can manage 10.5 without a renewal of my foot injuries, why shouldn't I be able to do 15, or 26.2 for that matter? I still need to take it easy, but it's certainly an encouraging sign.

This morning I jogged over the Platt High School Track and did some wind sprints, running as fast as fast as I could up and down the racing lanes.

I have some pretty spectacular distance endurance, but this type of training reminds me of how specific training can be. When full out sprinting, my legs were pretty shot and I was completely out of breath after a few minutes. It's nice to get that surge of adrenaline from going all out, though.

It makes me wish I was in better shape during high school so I could have participated in the track program. I'm a huge fan of Hellenistic culture and history, and the Greek ideal of well-rounded gymnasium training really appeals to me in both and aesthetic and athletic sense.

I wouldn't mind learning how to throw a discuss and a javelin or maybe even taking up wrestling.

That, and do back flips. If I can figure out how to do an unassisted back flip, I'll die a contented man.

We'll see.