Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Haven Road Race, Here I come

So I finally got out for a run last night after days of work-laden torpor, and I frankly kicked ass.

I ran 10.29 miles in 1:32:17. That works out to an average of 8:58 min/miles, 166 bpm, and I burnt 1337 calories.

That's exactly the pace I'm hoping to run on Monday for the 12-mile New Haven Road Race. I think it's definitely doable.

I chowed down on 6 cobs of raw corn fresh picked from the field last night. Fantastic stuff. I had no idea that you could even eat uncooked corn until I went raw. Is it ideal? Nope. But it's great for a treat several times over the course of a summer when you can get it fresh.

Watermelon Disaster

Expletives rang through the air yesterday as I arrived at my garden to pick some of my fresh watermelon. What were probably raccoons slipped under the plastic netting barrier I had erected over my watermelon and cantaloupe patch and ate almost everything. Of 14 watermelons I had growing, four small Bush Sugar Baby varieties survived, and two of those were far from being ready to eat. Most of my cantaloupe are gone too.

What was really enraging is that they didn't even eat everything, and they even wrecked the single watermelon that was growing from the 200-pounder seeds I planted.

They poked their snouts through the rind and ate maybe a quarter of each watermelon. What a waste. The 200 pounder wasn't even close to being fully ripe or fully grown, but they destroyed it anyway.

I'd been looking forward to those watermelons since since April when I started on my Garden.

I'm not really the violent hunting type, so I won't be going after those raccoons with a shot gun, but I'm quite pissed off. I think I'm going to have to erect a strong fence next year to keep out everything.


Lea said...

Good luck in New Haven on Monday! I have the Newtown 5k tomorrow, and will probably run in the Haddam Neck 5k on Sunday, but only because the Haddam Neck Fair is the same day :)

Andrew said...

Thanks Lea. Best of luck on your own races.