Monday, September 28, 2009

Hartford Marathon, Here I Come

I just ran 22 miles today, the longest I've ever run, and in five
fingers. Hartford Marathon, here I come.

It's nice, because so many people supposedly in the know have told me
that there's no way I can run a marathon almost barefoot with my flat,
overpronating feet. I'd like to show them the slight arch that's
developed in my previously pancake-flat soles over the last six
months, and my training log. :)

The run was an exhilarating experience, and on a beautiful fall day.

I started off running late this sprint with a just-healed foot and and
leg muscles that had been coddled - and atrophied -by years of shoe

I've pretty much been racing against time, and skirting the edge of
injury, to build up my calf and foot muscles enough to support a
marathon run.

I manged 22 miles today, but although I had tons of energy left, my
calf muscles were pretty much shot by mile 17 or 18, and I slowed way

I ran the first 18 miles at a 9:30/mile average pace, but by mile 22
my run average had dropped to 10:48

I would have really loved an extra two months to get my muscles
prepared, but I just ran out of time. The marathon is on Oct 10, and
I'm going to do my best. Worst case scenario is that my muscles crap
out and me sometime after mile 22 and I have to alternate between
power walking and shuffle running my way though the last miles.

I have no idea what's going to happen, though. Towards the end of my
run my calf muscles, although still shot, started to loosen up. Some
kind of bizarre second wind. At the same time I started feeling
strangely euphoric, despite the fact that my body wasn't too happy.

It's all good. It's my first Marathon, and after the severe foot
injury that knocked me out of running it last year and kept me limping
all winter, I'm ready to finish it this year any way I can. I'm just
so happy that I've found a way to run that more or less eliminates the
chance that I'm going get the injuries that are constantly sidelining
far more experienced runners (Hopefully).

Besides the sore muscles, I'm feeling fantastic.