Thursday, August 7, 2008

Greens Do The Body Good

Someone emailed me recently in awe of the volume of food I eat. I was trying to put it in perspective for him, and told him that the amount of salad that would fill a platter meant to serve a SAD family of four is generally about what I eat every night after my fruit meal.

I took a picture of the salad I made last night for perspective, which is above.

What you're seeing is spinach and lettuce leaves, sliced cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, and a "dressing" of blended tomatoes and celery. I can't emphasize enough how amazingly good that dressing tastes once your taste buds are off processed junk, salt, etc.

It was a nice cool morning for my run, and I headed up to Giuffrida park.

If anyone is wondering, the reason my weekday runs have been a bit shorter than I was doing is because OMNI has suggested that Iput my primary effort into my distance days, but also to work on shorter runs that maintain a good pace.

I feel like I'm kind of a slacker for not doing at least nine miles during the week, but I guess it's for the best. I'll be attempting 18 this weekend.

I've been working on my hip stretches and my stride. The stride is starting to feel more normal, but it's still awkward. I still find myself running and realize that I haven't been doing heel to toe for the past five minutes.

I'm looking forward to getting this Garmin heart rate/GPS system so I can track my stats more definitively.


Sarah said...

You know what's funny? When I do eat a salad, I can eat about 3 times the size of that bowl. :-)

That is one of the things I love about this diet also. My sister is staying with us right now and I know I look like such a pig to her when she sees me eat so much fruit in one sitting. Oh well, it works for me.

Looking forward to your report on the Garmin! It is nice for me to have so much information about how I did. Although once I set it to beep at me every time my pace fell below a certain level, and toward the end of my run it beeped like every 5 seconds and I wanted to smash it into the ground. LOL

Tough Cookie said...

Hi there! My name is Maria and I am a 23 year old female, former collegiate distance runner with RSD, a progressive and incurable nerve disease. I just came across your blog and I LOVE your post on the economics of fruit! I am a raw foody myself (using it to help me heal), and I think that post was spot on. The money that has been spent the last few years on meds, procedures, and hospital stays...geeze... and my disease isn't even overtly caused by poor diet and lifestyle (more structural). Good luck with your training!

Running Raw said...

Hey Tough Cookie. I'm glad to hear from you. I hope your raw food diet can be as successful in helping you heal as from RSD as it was for me in healing from my Colitis.