Monday, September 29, 2008

Update...Still No Running

I'm biking like crazy, but I haven't run in some time.

The bones in my feet are still sore, so I'm not running. Bones. Baaah.

OMNI Physical Therapy is doing everything in their power to get me ready to run the Marathon. They're blasting the area with ultrasound, a massage therapist is working on the muscle around the bone, etc.

When it comes down to it its a race against time. How quickly can my feet heal?

If I can run the race, I don't think I'm going to do too fantastic. I haven't run more than a couple miles since the beginning of September. I'll just have to run it slow. But at least I'll be able to finish it...hopefully.


goober said...

Andrew, have you considered running the half-marathon as an alternative on the 11th? As a veteran marathoner, the best advice I ever recieved was to enjoy the experience. Do not worry about time,pacing, or things of that nature. My fear is if you attempt the marathon, and have a bad experience, it may turn you off to running altogether, and that would be a tragedy. There are plenty of marathons all year round in this area(see Hi-tek,and you can take up the challenge of the full 26 when you are completly healthy.But i would reccommend for now, do the half, if you can, enjoy the experience,forgot about time and place, and "live to fight another day." Good luck in whatever decision you do make.... Edward

Andrew said...

At this point I'm either going to have my feet healed enough to run or I won't. Going with the middle ground doesn't hold much appeal for me, to be honest.

Don't worry. I really like running, and don't plan to give it up because of an injured bone.

Thanks for the suggestion, though.