Monday, July 21, 2008

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday Training Log


My knees a bit sore from increased mileage in worn-out running shoes, I decided to go for an extended bike ride. I figure some generic exercise is better than no running at all.

I headed up to my parent's house in Cheshire from W.Main in Meriden, a trip of about 17 miles. I plucked a few tomatoes from the garden before riding back. I found an abandoned apple orchard that I intend to plunder come Fall, as well as a full peach tree. When they ripen, I'll ask the owners if they don't mind me taking a bunch. Most people are only too glad to get rid of the excess.

I should have new running shoes on Tuesday, so hopefully the soreness won't be a problem in the future.


Going with the intensity over mileage theme brought on by my shoes, I decided to run up to castle craig on the trails (the final ascent was too steep and rocky so I hiked). It was humid and hot, and I was soaked by the time made it up to the castle.

A nice run though. At some point I intend to run the very steep paved road, which will really be challenging.


I was a bit worried about being late for a morning interview, so I decided to do today's run at a really quick pace. Great experience, as I've rarely pushed myself in terms of speed. Still no idea on how fast I went. I've got to take care of that soon.


Sarah said...

Andrew, I highly, highly recommend getting a Garmin device. I have a Garmin 205, it comes with satellite GPS, looks like an enormous wristwatch. With it, I can run ANYWHERE I please, and it will tell me how fast and how far I ran, among other things like average pace, calories burned, etc. :-)

Also, it records 2 years of training history.

Cheapest place to buy it is at amazon. I've only had mine a couple of months and already can't imagine a run without it!

I got some new shoes too and am healing up some nasty blisters so I can get out there again in a couple of days!

You're doing great!

Andrew said...
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Running Raw said...

Cool. I'll look into a Garmin.