Friday, July 18, 2008

Andrew's Marathon Training Day #2

I took a longer run today at just under seven miles. I'm pretty happy about the distance I was able to handle, but I'm fairly tired. My running shoes have been through about 1600 miles with me since I bought them over a year ago, and you're supposed to replace them every 600-800 miles because all the padding wears out.

I can tell that my knees and ankles are a bit sore from the extra miles and lack of padding, and I really need to get a new set. I special ordered a good pair of New Balance shoes (I have a 4E wide foot so stores don't generally stock my size) from a running store, so I should be able to

Something I really need to do is figure out my fuel situation. I always get cramps when I run with food in my stomach. In the past I've found that even bananas will cramp me up unless I wait five or six hours. But on this marathon I'll be in desperate need of fuel part way though, and I need to figure out what I can eat or drink without giving me cramps.

It was in the mid 80s when I was out for my run this morning, and pretty humid, so I was sweating bullets. I brought a water bottle with me so I could stay hydrated, though I think that water sloshing around in my stomach wasn't the best thing to have going on.

I should be doing a long run this weekend, but without the new shoes, I'm not sure that It's a great idea. We'll see.

I wish I had a better way of tracking my time, pace, and exact mileage during a run. I compltely lost track of time today.

My route is below.

To clarify, I went twice around mirror lake to accommodate a R-J photographer. I should have good pictures to post soon.

You can click on the route to zoom in and see where I back tracked, etc.


Hilary said...

Hi Andrew (Perlot or Michaels?),

I've found your blog and your raw food website via a couple of avenues including vegsource and the Gone Raw 811rv challenge for July.

I am interested in your experience with intestinal dis-ease as you adopted 811rv.

I'm a Celiac disease diagnosee with more than a decade of ill digestive health, and lots of other types of crummy symptoms spun out from that.

Currently, I'm nearly 3 weeks into 811rv with no intention of living any other way, mostly because the science/logic make such sense to me, and increasingly, because I'm feeling better and exercising more than I had with other diets/lifestyles.

Still, though, I've got digestive problems. I believe that, over time, they will diminish, and I've certainly already seen some change.

But in the meantime, I'm eager to learn about the progress of others with historic chronic digestive imbalanc, who are living 811rv, so I can get some outside support/perspective.

Might you be willing to chat with me a bit?

If so, how shall I contact you? I know you're on Gone Raw, but I have no idea how to send you a message via the website. Are you on GITMR?

Hilary (same name on GITMR and Gone Raw)

Running Raw said...

Hi Hilary. I'd be glad to speak to you. I know I need to get an email address up on my website, but I haven't gotten around to it.

Until I get something more permanent set up, please send me an email at:

Sarah said...

Inspiring stuff, Andrew! I want to do a marathon some day soon too but I think I'm gonna shoot for a half marathon first. I hope lots of people find 80/10/10/ through this experience!

Running Raw said...

Thanks for the support Sarah, and best of luck with the half marathon.

Jennifer C. said...

Hi Andrew,

Good luck with your training! I know of several endurance athletes who swear by young coconut water for hydration & fuel during races.

Bethany said...

When I ran my marathons, I soaked some dried fruit in water the night before, then in the morning poured the soak water into my water bottle.

You can also carry dates and celery in a pack for the long runs (as long as you have access to all the water you will desire.


Running Raw said...

Jennifer- Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

Bethany- But don't you get cramped up with food in your stomach? I can never eat before my run because I always get cramped. I imagine that it must be the same eating on the run too.