Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Running in The Rain

I'm not sure if my body is getting used to the strain, or if my new running shoes are just that good, but I didn't have too much of a problem with nine miles today.

I was certainly a bit tired by the end, but at least I was cool. The skies opened up on me about half way through the run and I was completely soaked.

I don't have the romantic attachment to the rain that a lot of New Englanders seem to have. Our species grew up in equatorial Africa, and I think clear skies and sunshine is what we were meant for. But standing on the bank of Cresent lake at Guiffrida Park, the fog hugging the surrounding peaks, I had to admit that there was a certain sodden tranquility to the place so early in the morning.

You'd never know unless you hiked up, but the entire opposite side of the mountain (large hill?) is completely missing, ripped away for some metal or for gravel.

No Sidewalks = Bad

Running out of the park and up Westfield road, I was forced to jump onto the embankment every few minutes by the huge dump trucks filled with rock that rumbled by, frequently spraying me with brown water.

The road eventually runs under the giant conveyor belt that runs over the road, dumping rock onto the ground on the other side. The mountain is shielded from view by foliage and fences, so you'd never know of the huge gap in the landscape.

Sick of the trucks spraying soot and soaking me, I probably would have turned around at that point had I not already mapped out my route to get the distance right. I continued on to Atkins Road, which may be in Middletown (The paper boxes had turned from the Record-Journal to the Middletown Press)and then headed back.

On the way back I went through Brookside Park, which seems a pleasant, if slightly overgrown place. I also discovered a Capoeira place downtown. I've always wanted to be able to do back flips.....

I was starving when I got back and devoured quite a bit of fruit and some celery for electrolytes. Overall I feel pretty good. I feel that I could do 15 miles right now. But 26?

We'll see.


Sarah said...

Curious to know what kind of shoes you bought? I just got a pair of flat racers...can't wait to try them out.

Running Raw said...

New Balance 859. I've bought the new year's version of that same shoe for the past three years now, and I haven't been let down. I have a wide and flat foot, though, and it's specifically made for people with flat feet.

Sarah said...

Cool! Thanks for sharing.