Monday, August 31, 2009

20 Miles Barefoot

I headed out late Sunday morning for a nice 20-mile run in my Five Fingers. This is the longest distance I've gone barefoot, and it went well.

My calf muscles are bit sore, and the bottoms of my feet are tender, but otherwise I'm doing good.

I'm looking forward to attending Dr. Doug Graham's Health and Fitness Week. I'm hoping there will be someone familiar with barefoot running who can take a look at my form. I feel that my right leg isn't moving as well as the left.

But it appears that I'm on track for the Hartford Marathon Oct. 11.

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Nathan Batalion said...

Congrats. I am a raw runner as well and at 63, did six half-marathons this year. Have done four full marathons, but when I was a little younger. Are you still active running? Hope to plan a running event at Hippocrates Health Institute which is right now in the vision stage.